Wednesday, October 20, 2004 The first disciplinary councils to exclude veiled girls are held now.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 The first disciplinary councils to exclude veiled girls are held now. This is practically the only title of the press today regarding the school. Meanwhile the Fillon law …. Good reading… ——————————————— – 20/10/04
Release of First exclusions of secularism law. Last night two schoolgirls from Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin), who refused to remove their headscarves since September, were excluded Disciplinary Board. Today, two high school girls from the same town should suffer the same fate. Can twelve other Alsatian teenage pass in turn into disciplinary board after holiday Toussaint. But at the request of the heads of the Lower Rhine, these tips will not be held in colleges and high schools, as is usually the rule: they will be "offshored" in the premises of the school inspectorate . Read more of the article What happens to those who keep the veil. Excluded last year, they study at distance, overseas, or have stopped school … Read More Article —————— ————————— Le Figaro 20/10/04 Two veiled students excluded from their college. Two students refusing to remove their headscarves were excluded yesterday from Jean Mace college Mulhouse. They are the first to be subject to disciplinary sanctions for non-compliance on the laicite.Huit other disciplinary councils are expected this week. Read more of the article calls for more private stations. private education students to the parents responsible (Unapel) was confirmed yesterday they have not seen an influx of veiled girls in private schools in September. However, they observed another increase enrollment: 2,500 additional students over in September 2003, when Catholic education had already observed an increase in its workforce of 13,000 students. What incentive Eric Raffin, President of Unapel, relaying the claim of Catholic education to obtain additional teacher positions. Read more of the article A schoolgirl killed by a falling crane to Nantes. A 12 year old girl was killed and one slightly injured boy this morning by the fall of a crane on a street near a college in Reze, in the suburbs of Nantes. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- Humanity’s … 20/10/04 Nothing seen. ————————————————– – Le Parisien … 20/10/04 Nothing seen. ———————————————— The cross 20/10/04 Nothing’s seen …. ———————————————— 20 minutes 20/10/04 Nothing’s seen …. ————————————————- The Monde 21/10/04 the law on the veil led to the first two exclusions. Dounia and Khouloud, 12, have been excluded, Tuesday 19 October, Jean-Mace college Mulhouse, under the law of 15 March banning the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols in schools. Eight other girls were before a disciplinary board before All Saints. Read more of the article Khouloud, 12: "They just destroyed my life." Gathered in the living room after breaking the fast, Dounia, Manele his sister, Khouloud, Samia and Sarra, all French of Algerian origin, share their distress. "They just destroyed my life," says Khouloud, the top of its 12 years. Read more of the article Ten disciplinary boards before the autumn holidays. Ten disciplinary boards should meet between Tuesday, October 19 and the end of this week to decide the fate of students who refused to comply with the law of 15 March banning conspicuous religious symbols at school. These veiled girls should be excluded from their schools by the boards of discipline, composed of representatives of staff, parents and students. 62 other students are still in the phase called for dialogue, no sanctions have yet been imposed but students do not attend classes. These records should enter disciplinary board after the Thanksgiving holiday which begins Saturday, October 23 and end on November 3rd. Read more of the article Three Sikh students ask to justice reintegration. Monday Jasvir, Ranjit and Bikramjit, all three students at the Louise Michel High School in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis), lodged the court referred to the latter say their "full reintegration" or direct consultation " as soon as possible "a disciplinary board to decide on their fate. For, since September and the application of the law of 15 March banning conspicuous religious symbols at school, they do not attend classes. They removed their turbans but not their kefki, a sub-turban that leaves emerged neck, ears and forehead. "Our religion forbids us to cut our hair, and requires that we covered them for hygienic reasons," said Manprit, came to support his comrades. In institutions where internal regulations forbid the wearing of headgear, it was not enough. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, October 20, 2004

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